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In order to make an offline sponsor we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a cheque payable to "Edmonton Tamil Cultural Association"
  2. On the memo line of the cheque, please indicate that the sponsor is for "Edmonton Tamil Cultural Association"
  3. Please mail your cheque to:

#18, 2968 Ellwood Dr SW

Edmonton, AB T6X 0A9

One of our committee member will get back to you.

Thanks you!


Donation Total: $100.00


Donate us and advertise in our website for free.

Ads will be visible in the respective sections for one year from the date of the purchase.

  1. ETCA reserves the right to increase or decrease the donation amount, however it will not affect the current ads that are already paid for the current billing cycle.
  2. For every refresh of the page, ads will be refreshed and the new ad will be updated in random order. 
  3. It is the responsibility of the business to provide all the content (text, images..etc) that are required for posting the ad. ETCA does not provide design services.
  4. Files/content to be provided by the business:
  5. Image of size 250px by 150px ( 2.6inch by 1.5 inch approximately) is needed.
  6. Other images when selected : Minimum 1 image of .jpeg or .png ( 500 px by 500 px)
  7. Text content: Name of the business, address, phone, contact person, website url…etc.
  8. Home Page Ad:
    1. Ads will be displayed on the home page of our website at
    2. And also ads will be displayed on the classifieds section of our website website at
  9. Other pages Ad:
    1. Ads will be displayed on recent post page, every single post page, online signup forms pages, resources, Tamil class pages…etc.
  10. Classifieds Section ad:
    1. Ads will be displayed also in the classifieds section of our website at
  11. Please read terms and conditions before donating for the ad.
  12. Thanks for advertising with us