Deepavali Invitation, Guidelines & application form for participants

ETCA Deepavali Invitation - 2018

Dear Members,

The annual Deepavali celebration for this year is proposed to be celebrated on 11th November 2018, at 4:30 pm at Festival Place, Sherwood Park.

We are planning to stage a variety of items for this year’s celebration. We are actively looking forward to seeing ETCA members perform in the following categories:

• Singing:  Classical, Folk, and Tamil movie songs
• Dance:    Classical, Folk and Tamil Film movie dances
• Stage Plays, Stand-up Comedies and karaoke singing

We are requesting the members to strictly follow the ETCA guidelines (click here for guidelines) when staging the items to make this event a success.

Those wishing to participate are requested to fill out the application form (click here for application form) for registration and email to the following address not later than September 20, 2018 email Id:

Members those who are interested to participate as MCs for the Deepavali event, please contact via with your information.

We are planning to have a meeting with all the choreographers on Sunday the 23rd September 2018 at ETCA building at 2 pm to discuss important guidelines to ensure that the final program is finely streamlined to fit into the proposed time frame in terms of quality and quantity.

All the choreographers must attend this meeting. 

Please contact Mary Jaya Sudhar – 780 966 3907 / Surekha Nathan – 587 589 8677 for further details.

Please note that since last year ETCA has the following fee for different membership categories.

Annual Membership:  $ 15.00 (Single)     $ 20.00 (Family)
Life Membership:        $ 125 (Single)        $ $150.00 (Family)

Once again we are looking forward to seeing active participation from ETCA members and their family to make this event memorable.

With warm regards,
ETCA Executive Committee

ETCA Deepavali 2018 Guidelines for participants
ETCA Deepavali 2018 Application form for registration

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